Toward World Peace: Seeing the Unity Between Us All

Toward World



Seeing the Unity Between Us


by Stephen Knapp

    This book points out the essential reasons why peace in the world and cooperation among people, communities, and nations have been so difficult to establish. It also advises the only way real peace and harmony can be achieved.

    In order for peace and unity to exist we must first realize what barriers and divisions keep us apart. Only then can we break through those barriers to see the unity that naturally exists between us all. Then, rather than focusing on our differences, it is easier to recognize our similarities and common goals. With a common goal, all of humanity can work together to help each other reach that destiny of working together to make this planet a practical place in which we all can live in harmony and peace.

    This book is short and to the point. It is a thought provoking book and will provide inspiration for anyone. It is especially useful for those working in politics, religion, interfaith, race relations, the media, the United Nations, teaching, or who have a position of leadership in any capacity, or who are trying to spread the basis for peace in warring countries. It is also for those of us who simply want to spread the insights needed for bringing greater levels of peace, acceptance, unity, and equality between friends, neighbors, and communities. Such insights include:

  • The factors that keep us apart.
  • Breaking down cultural distinctions.
  • Breaking down the religious differences.
  • Seeing through bodily distinctions.
  • We are all working to attain the same things.
  • Our real identity: The basis for common ground.
  • Seeing the Divinity within each of us.
  • What we can do now to bring unity between everyone we meet.

    This book carries an important message and plan of action that we must incorporate into our lives and plans for the future if we intend to ever bring peace and unity between us. It is time to create a calm, cooperative, and prejudice-free world by seeing the natural common ground and unity that exists between us all.


CHAPTER ONE: SEEING THE UNITY BETWEEN US ALL * The Factors that Keep Us Apart * Having Spiritual Vision

CHAPTER TWO: BREAKING DOWN THE BARRIERS * We Are All Working to Attain the Same Things * Seeing Through the Bodily Distinctions * Breaking Down the Cultural Distinctions * Breaking down the Religious Differences * Focusing on These Distinctions Means Animal Consciousness

CHAPTER THREE: YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY * Our Real Identity * Being free of all Designations


CHAPTER FIVE: SEEING OUR UNITY IS A SOURCE OF HAPPINESS * Reasons for the Happiness in the Vision of Unity * Attaining Peace on the Planet * Achieving Peace and Happiness for the Individual and the World * The Need for Good Leaders and Rulers

CHAPTER SIX: WHAT WE NEED TO BEGIN WORKING TOGETHER * Starting With the Basics * The Golden Rule is Universal * Good rules for Life


To Order your copy,  It is available at through this link:


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