The Secret Teachings of the Vedas

The Secret


of the Vedas

The Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life

By Stephen Knapp

    This is a book that provides one of the best reviews of ancient Eastern philosophy and gives access to some of the most important spiritual knowledge found anywhere. It also offers a look at some of mankind’s loftiest of thoughts and realizations about who he is and what his relationship is with the universe. This book supplies a means to unlock the mysteries of the ancient Eastern wisdom and presents answers to questions not found in other religions or philosophies. It condenses information from a wide variety of sources that would take a person years to assemble, and uses many quotes from dozens of Vedic texts to clearly show the lofty insights and wisdom that they have held for thousands of years. This timeless and enlightening information is explained in a clear and concise way and is essential for all who want to increase their spiritual understanding and awareness. This is a book that can give you a new perspective of who you are and where you fit into the scheme of things. Stephen Knapp has spent over 30 years of research and travel to accumulate what is presented in this volume.

Is This Book For You?


if you want to understand such things as the science of the soul and the eternal characteristics of your real spiritual identity; the scientific evidence that indicates consciousness is separate from, but interacts with, the body; how to attain the highest happiness and freedom from the cause of suffering; the real unity between us all which is beyond bodily identification; reincarnation and how to determine what your next life will be by the actions you perform and the consciousness you develop; reincarnation found in Christianity; life after death–heaven, hell, or beyond; the real process of progressive evolution and where you are really going in life; the law of karma and how you accumulate good or bad karma that will affect your future; how residents of a country collectively create national karma; what is the spiritual realm as described in the Vedic texts; the nature of the Absolute Truth–personal God or impersonal force; how to recognize the existence of the Supreme; why we exist at all; and much more. There is also an explanation of what the Vedas are, how they were compiled, and how they have influenced western culture for many years.

    “The present work is the first volume of an extensive project by Stephen Knapp in order to provide an exhaustive understanding of the various aspects of human spirituality and spiritual evolution. The author authentically and ably presents the ancient Indian thoughts and insights in dealing with numerous questions regarding life. The book is not only a discussion of the issues concerning the mystery of existence and of human life in terms of Indian teachings of the Vedic literature, but also a conscious effort to relate those insights to the contemporary age and its ethos. This book is a welcome introduction to the teachings of the Vedic and Puranic literature on the various topics of metaphysical and spiritual interest.” Professor Mahesh Mehta, University of Windsor, Canada

    “I can’t thank you enough for producing such a nicely written and practically presented book on spiritual consciousness. Your ‘Secret Teachings of the Vedas’ presents all the major points of Vedic philosophy in a clear way. Very often I consult your book before giving public lectures…” Mahanidhi Swami, Vrindavan, India

    There is also a special section describing a pilgrimage to the important holy sites and temples of South India with 85 black & white photographs of art, sculptures, architecture, Deities, and some of the most amazing temples you can see anywhere. It also elaborates on the many ancient legends connected with these important places and what it is like to travel and see them today. This is a must for anyone wanting to know more about traveling in this area.

This book is 6″ x 9″ trim size, 330 pages, 45 pages of 85 black & white photographs, with glossary, references, and index.

The Secret Teachings of the Vedas Table of Contents

FOREWORD by Professor Mahesh Mehta.



CHAPTER ONE: WHY STUDY THE VEDAS IN OUR SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS * Finding the answers * Guidance from the Vedas

CHAPTER TWO: WHAT ARE THE VEDAS * The Influence the Vedas have had on the West * Rediscovering Vedic science


CHAPTER FOUR: OUR REAL IDENTITY; THE SCIENCE OF THE SOUL * Finding ourselves * Review of Western philosophies * Problems with scientific theories of consciousness * Vedic recognition of the soul’s presence * The soul is eternal * The Vedic description of the soul * The nature of the soul * Supersoul: the unifying factor * Description of the Supersoul * Relationship between the soul and Supersoul * Being ignorant of the self * The cause of suffering * Achieving peace for the individual and for the world * Attaining the highest happiness

CHAPTER FIVE: REINCARNATION AND THE LAW OF KARMA * Reincarnation in Christianity * Other references and believers in reincarnation * Approaching death * Rebirth * The law of karma and destiny * Free will and choice * Getting free of karma

CHAPTER FIVE (PART B): AVOIDING ACTIVITIES THAT CAUSE BAD KARMA * Being truthful * Practicing austerity * Inner and outer cleanliness * The issue of abortion * Sex or no sex * Showing mercy and being vegetarian * Biblical quotations about meat-eating * The karma of the nation

CHAPTER SIX: THE MODES OF NATURE; DETERMINING YOUR FUTURE EXISTENCE *  What the modes of nature are * How the modes of nature work * Action and consciousness in various modes * Where the modes take us * Becoming free from the modes

CHAPTER SEVEN: HEAVEN AND HELL AND THE BASIC STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSE * The basic universal structure * Description of hell * Description of heaven * The opportunity in this earthly existence

CHAPTER EIGHT: THE SOUL’S EVOLUTION THROUGH LIFE, DEATH, AND BEYOND *    Darwin’s theory * Our ignorance of life * The five basic stages of human evolution * Life in the womb and birth of the living entity * Life in the material world * Old age and death * The afterlife–heaven, hell, or beyond

CHAPTER NINE: WHY IS THERE ANYTHING? * Why the material world exists * Why there is life at all

CHAPTER TEN: PERSONAL GOD OR IMPERSONAL FORCE? * God is personal and impersonal * The Absolute Truth is a person * Descriptions from the Brahma-samhita








        It is available through through this link:

        In India, this book is available through: Jaico Publishing House PVT, LTD., 127, M.G. Road, Mumbai, India – 400 023, Tel.: 022-2267 6702 / 2267 6802 / 2267 4501   Fax : 022-2265 6412, Email : ISBN: 81-7224-091-0,  Rs 195.00. You can order it through their website and see the book details page at:

This book is also sold in India through the online Indian bookstore at, or just click on:


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