The Vedic Prophecies: A New Look into the Future

The Vedic



A New Look into

the Future

The Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life

By Stephen Knapp

    The Vedic prophecies take you to the end of time! This is the first book ever to present the unique predictions found in the ancient Vedic texts of India. These prophecies are like no others and will provide you with a very different view of the future and how things fit together in the plan for the universe.

    Now you can discover the amazing secrets that are hidden in the oldest spiritual writings on the planet. Find out what they say about the distant future, and what the seers of long ago saw in their visions of the destiny of the world.

    This book will reveal predictions of deteriorating social changes and how to avoid them; future droughts and famines; evil rulers and governments; whether there will be another appearance (second coming) of God; and predictions of a new spiritual awareness and how it will spread around the world. You will also learn the answers to such questions as:

* Does the future get worse or better?

* Will there be future world wars or global disasters?

* What lies beyond the predictions of Nostradamus, the Mayan prophecies, or the Biblical apocalypse?

* Are we in the end times? How to recognize them if we are.

* Does the world come to an end? If so, when and how?

    Now you can find out what the future holds. The Vedic Prophecies carry an important message and warning for all humanity, which needs to be understood now!

    For years there have been so many books about prophecies from various cultures around the world. NOW is a book that presents the most ancient, the most spiritual, and the most comprehensive prophecies from the Vedic texts. The Vedic Prophecies have long been overlooked, and with the new millennium, the time has come for the world to become acquainted with them. It is also time to understand the implications of the continued degenerating patterns of society in the Age of Kali and what to do to change things, as explained in the Vedic literature.

    It is also time for all people interested in the teachings of the East to be aware and arm themselves with this knowledge. This book takes you beyond the basic understanding of the future as described by Nostrodamus, or the Mayan and Biblical predictions, and uses many Vedic sources to provide these important prophecies. These sources include many of the Puranas, such as the Bhagavat, Vishnu, Padma, Linga, Vayu, Brahma, Brahmanda, Bhavishya, Kurma, Garuda, and Brahma-vaivarta Puranas, along with the Mahabharata, Mahanirvana Tantra, and many other texts.

    All of these prophecies are very interesting, some are very controversial, and many are extremely heavy!! Some are bound to surprise and even shock you!! The distant future may be far different from what many people expect. And these Vedic Prophecies will show it.

From the FOREWORD by Bhakti Tirtha Swami:

“Stephen has done a great service by painstakingly putting together such important prophecies from the Vedic tradition so that those who are familiar, as well as the novice, will reflect on world prophecy from the most sacred and authentic scriptures known to humankind.

“Stephen does not leave us with the dismal effects of this age, but he explains how to get free of the influences of Kali-yuga, how spiritual awareness will spread around the world, and most important, how a new species of humanity will evolve. I quote the author in Chapter Five:

“‘ There will be a higher and progressive energy shift, as predicted in the Vedic scriptures, and it is already in progress. In this cycle, the planetary changes, whether they appear to be good or severe, will be a cleansing process to help bring in the needed progress and new species of humanity, at least while the Golden Age within Kali-yuga lasts.

“‘What this means is that we are at a decisive period. There will be a transformed world that will be attained by force through an apocalypse or through cooperation by a planetary awakening.'”

“If you are particularly interested in doing your part to bring about this Golden Age, then I am sure you will value this book as much as I do.”

    There is also a special section on seeing spiritual India. This takes you through the famous temples and holy places of Western India, from Jaipur in Central India all the way to Bangalore in the South. Now you can tour them through their histories, legends, and miraculous stories, along with over 65 photographs of temples, holy sites, art, sculptures, sages, and people of India. A wonderful addition!

The book is 6″x 9″ trim size, 250 Pages, with over 65 B&W photos.

The Vedic Prophecies Table of Contents


FOREWORD by Swami Krishnapada



CHAPTER TWO: THE PROPHECIES THAT HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED * The Prophecy of Lord Buddha’s Appearance * Prediction of Shiva appearing in Kali-yuga as Shankaracarya * The Prophecies about Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu * The Bhavishya Purana and the Prophecy of Jesus Christ and the Great Tribulation * The Prophecy of Mohammed * Solomon in Kashmir * Moses in Kashmir * Jesus in Kashmir

CHAPTER THREE: THE BEGINNING OF THE AGE OF KALI-YUGA * The Story of Kali-yuga’s Appearance * The Dangers of Kali in Standardized Gold * The Basic Pattern of Events for the Future in Kali-yuga

CHAPTER FOUR: THE COMING CHANGES DURING KALI-YUGA * The Effects of Low-Class Rulers * The Immoral Qualities of People * The Cheating in Business, Money, and Social Positions * The Disappearance of Religiosity * The Depravity in Family Life and Relations Between People * Droughts and Rampant Famine * The Worst Conditions at the End of Kali-yuga

CHAPTER FIVE: THE GOLDEN AGE IN KALI-YUGA * The Advantages of Kali-yuga * Prophecies on the Importance of Mayapur, India * How the New Spiritual Awareness Will Spread Around the World * How to Get Free of the Influence of Kali-yuga * A New Species Of Humanity * Conclusion

CHAPTER SIX: THE NEXT INCARNATION OF GOD: LORD KALKI AND THE END OF KALI-YUGA * The Appearance of Lord Kalki * The Activities of Lord Kalki * Lord Kalki Predicted in the Book of Revelations * The Return of the Golden Age–Satya-yuga

CHAPTER SEVEN: THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD * The Next Annihilation of the World * The Final Annihilation of the Universe




To Order your copy, send $14.95 plus $2.50 for shipping within the U.S., (or $3.50 in Canada, $7.50 for overseas orders surface mail) to: The World Relief Network, P. O. Box 15082, Detroit, MI 48215-0082 U.S.A. Also available through your local bookstore, ISBN 0-9617410-4-X.

It is also available at through this link:


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